We chose to support tourism because of its significant potential in supporting and restarting the Greek economy.
Accounting for 18% of Greek GDP and almost 20% of employment, tourism is the heavy industry of Greece. Our tourism industry, even under conditions of financial crisis, can offer a competitive quality product to the in-bound tourist.

The main objective of the ‘UP Greek Tourism’ campaign is to promote Greek tourism abroad in two ways: directly, through the outdoor advertising campaign, and indirectly through the word of mouth created through traditional and social media who will re-produce the campaign.

Additionally we hope to inspire Greeks to think of innovative personal initiatives to help the Greek economy and we also want to demonstrate to the world that Greek people remain an innovative, resilient and hospitable nation.

This is a grassroots campaign, for the Greek people, by the Greek people.


Crowdfunding describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated and causes by other people or organizations.

Some of the most famous crowdfunding platforms that have financed hundreds of projects, include kickstarter.com, kiva.org, indiegogo.com, etc.

The crowdfunding platform we used for our first two campaigns is LoudSauce.com. Through this platform we do not only collect funds, but also take care of the media placements in each city.

Why advertising is worth funding

Many inspiring projects and organizations have limited awareness and poor marketing. Crowdfunded media buying can bridge this marketing gap by reaching new audiences beyond our social networks.

By bringing unexpected ideas and creative solutions to mainstream channels, we ultimately build momentum for some of the best work happening in the world.

Financial Info

How to make a contribution to a  live campaign (currently none is live)

  1. By credit card and through a platform specialized for donations called WePay.com. This is the preferred method.
  2. By an existing PayPal account or creating a new PayPal account.


For the first two campaigns, for every $100 we collected, $10 covered crowdfunding and mediabuying expenses of our partner platform LoudSauce.com and $3.5 were held by WePay.com payment gateway or $4.2 were held by Paypal.com, dependind on the payment method.

This means that by collecting exactly $10,000, around $8,620 go for the actual campaign.

All team members contributing to this project are doing it 100% voluntarily. All current expenses, including website hosting, domain registration, phone-calls, flights and some other were covered by the individuals involved in the project.

There has been zero financial support from any government or corporations, other than those that decided to contribute to the campaign as individuals and you can see their names in the campaign pages.

What happens to the money?

Money never reaches the project organizers themselves. All funds are collected via the crowdfunding platform and then directly used to pay the media or other expenses. All contributions remain a mere pledge until the campaign becomes fully funded. If a target campaign does not get funded fully and on time, money pledged is credited back to the contributors’ account.