Founding Team

The Artist

Charis Tsevis

Charis Tsevis is an award winning visual designer living and working in Athens, Greece. He holds a Diploma of Graphic Design from the Akademie fur das Grafishe Gewerbe, Munchen and a Master in Visual Design from the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano. He manages a modest studio by the name of Tsevis Visual Design in Athens serving clients all over the world. He is a part time professor of Editorial Design and Typography at the AKTO College of Art and Design. He has also presented seminars at the Panteion University of Athens and he has given lectures in numerous national and international conferences and symposiums. More of his work can befound on his personnal site,



Wider Team

Art Dimopoulos

Art is passionate about preserving Greek heritage in America–supporting Greek tourism to Greece is a great way to accentuate the positive and Washington remains an key gateway to disseminate the message that Greece is meeting challenges and open for business.

Thekla Eftychiadou

Media Relations USA – An experienced PR professional, Thekla has studied and worked for more than eight years in the U.K. and the U.S. Now, based in Boston, MA, she drives high-profile and results-driven communications campaigns. She decided to support this project, because it encourages Greeks to take control of their future, while promoting Greece as a touristic destination.

Dimitris Maniatis

Website Dev – Always an engineer at heart, Dimitris is mostly working to keep everything and everyone together. This usually means coding, designing, making presentations, going to meetings, talking on the phone, answering emails, feeding Naruto (his Golden Retriever), dealing with both the expected and the unexpected things that come up every day. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

Maria Katsikovordou

Social Media – Maria is an experienced Press Officer, with a background in Political Communication, Public Relations and Journalism. She has strong faith in Greece and its people, dreams of a welfare state and believes that good ideas supported with passion can bring positive change and progress to the country. A social media addict, spends a lot of her time on facebook, twitter, instagram and her blog.

Marina Sotiropoulou

Designer – Marina is a freelance designer, specialized in Packaging Design. Having lived and studied in the U.K, she has learnt to appreciate the beauty & culture of Greece. She is putting this appreciation forward though her design work for this project.

Kimon Tsakiris

Film director – Kimon, has studied social sciences and cinema in the Netherlands, U.K.,Italy and Spain. In Barcelona he joined the ‘experimental team of audiovisual techniques’ producing team works about social issues. He works as an independent director/producer since 2000. His films have received several international awards.

Katia Mouzaki

Media Relations – Katia is a PR consultant. She is managing various multinational accounts and Tourism is one of her fields of interest. Crowd-funding a campaign supporting Greece’s spirit is a challenge to her and she strongly believes that only people can make a twist upwards. Find her on Twitter or Facebook.

Elina Sbokou

Ambassador networks – Elina is an event planner with a background in law and lobbying. An optimist by nature, she is a firm believer that our generation can make a difference. She has spent a lot of her time creatively fighting for a common cause while constantly reminding everyone how much is worth running the extra mile.

Jim Stoucker

Jim is active in his Church and AHEPA Chapter and proud of his Greek heritage—the DC wallscape project is a tangible way to express our support of Greece and to have a positive impact in improving the Greek economy.

Ioanna Dretta

Ambassador in Networks – Ioanna is a Harvard graduate and has professional experience of almost 10 years. Specializing in project management, she holds a diverse portfolio of projects across all sectors (private, public, non-profit) ranging from public relations / communications to public administration and business development. She strongly believes that its only us, the citizens, that we can change Greece.

George C. Petrocheilos

Ambassador (NE America) – George is a student at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. For the past three years he has created an extensive network of elected officials, industry and community leaders and is involved in several fundraising projects, either for start-up companies or politicians. He is the President of Greeks at Johns Hopkins and serves on the Boards of several Greek-American committees.

Stella Sampani

Ambassador networks – Stella is an MBA graduate of SDA Bocconi and has tried to ‘’escape’’ from Greece twice but has always returned with the hope to support and contribute to her home country’s future. She loves communication and is especially interested in social media. She divides her time between business and creative writing. Greece has been for her the only inspirational place so far.

Alexia Kotsi

Advertising Campaign – Alexia is a creative marketing professional with a vibrant proactive personality and experience with leading international brands and DMO’s. Her research on destination as a brand along with a real passion on volunteer activities inspired her to be part of this exceptional project for Greek tourism.

Harry Karageorge

Harry started a group called Omada which consists of Greek American professionals getting together to network, have fun and assist in worthy endeavors like the DC wallscape project. The one thing we all have in common is a love for our heritage and assisting Greece helps us connect with one another.

Anil Kumar P S

Anil is a Dubai based film maker from Kerala, India who gave the final cut of our crowdfunding video. You can contact Anil here: [email protected]

Olga Spathi

Website Project Management – e-Business and e-Marketing have been Olga’s major areas of professional experience since 2006, with a specialization in Tourism and Consumer Electronics. From the beautiful island of Kefallonia, has lived in Germany and Austria for 6 years, but has returned to stay. Olga has always had a natural talent in observing and exploring things; from innovative ideas to the little, crucial details that will (hopefully) make a difference.

Dimitris Zotos

Online Marketing Strategy – Based in Athens Greece, Dimitris is an interactive marketing & communication professional, specialized in tourism sector. He has been involved in numerous national and international projects, his work is characterized by an emphasis on new media and multi dimensional communications.

Peter Malamas

Peter is a student at Johns Hopkins University. He is inspired by the determination of Greeks around the world to stand united and help pave the foundation for a prosperous future. His best memories are while in Greece, and he wishes to promote Greek tourism so others can experience first-hand the treasures and glories of Greece.

Katerina Spetsiou

Katerina is an architect living and working in London. After having been away from Greece for 13 years she has really come to appreciate all the beauty and richness of culture her country has to offer. This is a cause she really believes in because it fills her with optimism about the power the Greeks still have to shape their future.

 Zafeiris Karampasis

Zafeiris is a digital communication professional. Having studied social sciences, he acquired an MA in “Virtual communities” foreseeing the radical ramifications that the popularization of web publishing tools (web 2.0) will bring to nearly every level of life’s organization. He now works as a digital communication director in a PR firm and he is the man responsible for the redesign of our new website.

Anita Demetriou

Anita is a paediatrician living in London. She is half Greek-Cypriot and half English, but raised in Athens. She loves Greece, knows how much the country has to offer and wants everyone else to find out too. Anita got involved in the London campaign this year, and can’t wait to see the results.

Giorgos Douzas

Giorgos is an online PR and communication specialist, based in Athens. He played a part in redesgning and enriching this website and is responsible for many daily updates of our social media accounts and day to day communication with our fans.

Will & Elaine Bush

Ambassadors California

Dimitri & Karla Athanassopoulos

Ambassadors NYC