What is it that you have to do?

– Contribute to the crowd-funding through Paypal or Wepay

- Ask your friends to contribute

- Follow us through our Facebook or Twitter pages to keep up with our progress as well as the letest updates for tourism in Greece!

Who is designing the creative?

Greece based, award winning visual designer, Charis Tsevis has produced 6 different campaign creatives. Using pictures of the people that contributed to the campaigns so far, he has created beautiful mosaics that represent 6 typicaly Greek images.

Why has this campaign taken place in the US? Why in NYC and DC?

American affluent tourists are some of the biggest spending tourists globally. Their economy is not doing so well, but it is in better condition than most European economies.
Also, there are many Americans of Greek descent who want to support this project.
NYC was chosen because of its symbolic value – it is considered by many to be the centre of the world. Also it is the only US city with direct flight connection to Athens through Delta Airlines. Besides, both NYC and DC were also chosen because they are homes of many Greek-Americans.

Why are you making so much noise for only a few thousand dollars?

The amounts may seem small, but in fact they are not.
Most crowd-funding projects have targets below $10,000. An average crowd-funder contributes $25 to a project. In our case we needed so far the participation of 410 people to open their wallets and use their credit-card to contribute to our projects.

Why an outdoor campaign? Isn’t online advertising more targeted and leading to better call to action?

An outdoor campaign can lead to a much better word of mouth. People can see it, photograph it, blog or tweet about it easily. The earned media potential is much higher than the actual ad placement together.

How do we know the funds are used properly?

All the money is paid directly from you to the LoudSauce.com website through PayPal or WePay. The organizing team of this project does not touch any of it at any time. We provide proof of the media expenses and related costs as we incur them.

What happens to the money I paid if the financial target is not achieved?

The project MUST reach its funding target before our set time runs out or no money changes hands. The financial support you offer remains a pledge until the whole amount is collected.

Why LoudSauce?

LoudSauce is the only crowd-funding startup known in the world that takes care of media buying and placement.